Blogging to make a difference

Blogging for success

A quick, knee jerk blog today, in response to Joanna Geary‘s talk to aspiring Journalists at Cardiff School of Journalism.

Joanna was persuaded to blog by Peter Ashton, while she was working for  The Birmingham Post. She did it reluctantly and only as a diversionary activity from the horrors of DIY.

But it snowballed and her editor got wind and, to cut a long story short, she led Birmingham into the social media revolution and created a new platform for interaction with her paper’s readers. Before she knew it she was head-hunted by The Times and is now working for Uncle Rupert.

Joanna told her story so engagingly that it really made sense so… after  an afternoon of wrestling with the complexities of InDesign, I headed off for a Blown magazine editorial meeting (by some strange twist of fate I’ve ended up as deputy editor). As we were meeting at Chapter Arts Centre I started to pounce on likely candidates for our website. Bloggers with attitude, who know what they’re talking about and can speak to our readers who are interested in being taken to new places.

I’m still looking. Anyone who’s interested in contributing please get in touch. Naturally there’s no money, but if you’ve seen Blown, you’ll want to be part of it. If you haven’t get to your nearest stockist asap or see me for a discounted copy.


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