paint and place

A quick plug for Elfyn Lewis’s wonderful work at St David’s Hall Foyer Galleries, which runs to March 27th. Darryl Corner has already offered a great review in his Western Mail column, so it would be daft to restate what he’s said.

But I’ve known Elfyn for some time now, and would add that I never fail to be impressed with his seriousness of intent, his constant probing and experimenting and his deep and obvious commitment to paint, a medium that bobs in and out of fashion like a WAG’s handbag. Like his more-or-less contemporaries, Brendan Stuart Burns and Catrin Webster, Lewis manages to use abstraction to open up responses to place even if those responses are all in the mind of the viewer.

Below is the press release for the forthcoming exhibition at Cynon Valley Museum and Art Gallery, in Aberdare (my top tip – there’s a free bus to Tescos from the station and said supermarket is just over the road from CVMAG.)

There’ll be a whole new body of work in that exhibition and I’m hoping it’ll include some of the larger works, which won him the Gold Medal for Fine Art at last year’s National Eisteddfod.  Both venues offer interest free purchasing for original artworks, through the Arts Council’s Collectorplan Scheme and, if you’re going with some cash or your flexible friend, I strongly urge you to snap up some of Lowri Davies’  beautiful ceramics as they sell like hot cakes.

‘Gestiana’ by / gan Elfyn Lewis 13 March / Mawrth – 24 April / Ebril 2010

Cynon Valley Museum and Art Gallery, Aberdare

‘Surfaces are layered with paint that overflows, dripping. Congested, thick impasto paint has been pushed and forced to create a painting, which is also an object of desire. These paintings are layered time after time until the upper layer explodes and transforms from its volcanic creation into a vivid landscape. These are eruptions of colour and beauty intended to transfix the viewer’. Elfyn Lewis was born in Porthmadog, North Wales. His abstract paintings born of his love for the landscape of Wales and the powerful memories associated with the places depicted are distinctive and instantly recognisable. In 2009 he was the principal artist representing Wales at the Euro Celtic Art Festival, part of the Festival Interceltique the world’s largest Celtic Art’s Festival as well as being awarded the Gold Medal for Fine Art at the Meirion National Eisteddfod of Wales. He has exhibited throughout the UK and worldwide and his work is represented in both public and private collections. Brodor o Borthmadog, Gwynedd, yw Elfyn Lewis. Mae pawb yn adnabod ei weledigaeth ddihafal o’r hoff fannau sy’n ymddangos yn ei luniau. Dyma arlunydd sy’n gweu grym y cof a chariad at wedd ei gynefin gyda’i gilydd. Yn 2009, Elfyn oedd y prif arlunydd yn cynrychioli Cymru yn Arddangosfa Celfyddyd Weledol Ewro-Celtaidd. (Rhan yw hon o’r Ŵyl Ryng-Geltaidd, yr ŵyl gelfyddydau Geltaidd fwyaf yn y byd.) Yn ogystal â hyn, fe enillodd y Fedal Aur am Gelfyddyd Gain yn Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Meirion a’r Cylch, y Bala, yn 2009. Mae wedi arddangos ei waith ym mhob rhan o’r Deyrnas Unedig, ac mae casgliadau cyhoeddus a phreifat wedi prynu darluniau ganddo.


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