Blog Evolution

Dear Readers,
The blog has changed as I realised that the blackness made it hard to read and some of the info I thought was available wasn’t appearing. Please let me know if you think this is easier to read or if there are things that you’d like to see on the blog that aren’t there.

If you’d like to plug a project or artwork and would like it featured in the top picture bit of my blog, please email me your image (but bear in mind the letterbox format) with the name of the work/project and your name in the file name and I’ll try and get it up for random appearances.

If you’re wondering why the blogging has been so erratic of late it’s because I’ve been writing for other sites and magazines (which makes my bank manager very happy). Here are some places to find more stuff to look at.

Venice blog for blown magazine – a sideways look at the biggest art show (and there are54th Venice Biennale more on the way here too.

Review of Animate Projects Open Digitalis

Review of this year’s Locws International Art Across the City for a-n‘s Interface

And this weekend a group of us got together to start a new platform for writing about contemporary art of, from, for but not necessarily in Wales, called Rooters, which lives on Culture Colony. Hope you’ll join us there. We’re looking for more contributors to give critical writing about art in Wales a boost.Thanks to warp and g39 for helping us get this off the ground and Pete Telfer at Culture Colony for immediately setting up our platform.

My first post for Rooters looks at The Nihilists project on Sugarloaf (16.07.2011)Stefhan Caddick's wind powered sign WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE.You can also find other bits of writing by me on Culture Colony too, including more on The National Museum of Art and Andrew Cooper’s current exhibition at Newport Museum & Art Gallery Dis-Location.


3 thoughts on “Blog Evolution

  1. Hi Emma. I found this easy to read – and having rubbish eyesight (advanced glaucoma) its a pleasant change not to have to highlight text to read it, or just struggling with closely matched tones, minute text etc. Simple is best as far as I’m concerned. .I’ll see if I have an image to send you.
    Colin Ainsworth
    (ex Wales artist)

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