Calling all sculptors

Ironstone Kidwelly Castle 2010Last summer I went to Kidwelly for a look at Sculpture Cymru’s Ironstoneexhibition in the ruins of the castle. It’s so rare to see sculpture outside in Wales that it was well worth the wiggle down country lanes to get to it.

The collaboration with Cadw obviously worked well as they’re going back next year, with exhibition fees for selected artists, chosed by Locws International‘s David Hastie, so I thought I’d give it a plug here.

Sculpture Cymru : Sculptors in Wales

Castle : Sculptural Responses

Call for Entries

UK artists are invited to submit sculptural proposals for an exhibition to be held in the grounds of Kidwelly Castle, South Wales. The exhibition will run from June to September 2012.

Artists are asked to propose work to be created in response to the Castle and its site. The artwork can consist of any material but must be robust to withstand four months outside in a public venue.

Plans and photographs of the site, together with Application details can be downloaded at from 1 September 2011.

Selected by David Hastie, Director of Lowcs International, in consultation with Cadw Inspectorate and Sculpture Cymru.

Submissions to be received by 31 October 2011 at

Supported by the Arts Council of Wales, Cadw Inspectorate and Sculpture Cymru


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