Michael Sheen Joins Fight to Save Newport Gallery

Michael Sheen joined the fight to save the Temporary Exhibitions Programme at Newport Art Gallery today. He’s quoted in the South Wales Argus but here’s what he said in full:

“I am hugely disturbed to hear of the plans to close Newport Art Gallery’s Temporary Exhibition Programme. Not only because of what that would mean to the numerous homegrown artists who would lose precious, and in many cases the first significant exposure for their work, as well as the thousands of visiting people to the area who would lose the opportunity to discover and enjoy this valuable Programme, but also because of what it suggests about the future plans for funding of the Art Gallery and the entire Museum itself. I am especially disturbed by the lack of information and openness to the public about why these cuts are happening and that we the public have no opportunity to be a part of this discussion or have any influence on the decisions that are being taken by those who purport to be representing our interests. The importance of culture and the relationship between the Arts and the health of our society is all too often alarmingly misunderstood and at worst completely ignored. This is perilously dangerous for not only artists at work today, both established and emerging, but also for a new generation of young people growing up starved of the inspiration and vision that exposure to art can bring. How can we create a better, more compassionate, more just tomorrow, if we are robbed of the vision for such things that art engenders, today?”

You can sign the petition to save the programme here


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