A Kind of Departure

CCQ Issue 1Cover.pdf

Earlier on this year I decided that rather than bemoan the limited platforms for contemporary art in Wales I should get up off my sedentary bottom and do something about it. And so, with the help of two colleagues from blown magazine (which I was deputy editor for from 2009 until the final issue November 2012), and with a lot of other help and support from a staggering array of people, I give you Culture Colony Quarterly Magazine (CCQ).

This is a new, independent perspective on the arts in Wales and folds in the many different genres and disciplines, because everything has a context. It is internationally facing, because so much of what happens in Wales resonates across the world and there are so many creative practitioners who either live here or collaborate with our artists that it would be foolish not to recognise the links and connections that send the creativity that happens in Wales to all the corners of the globe (which, being round, has no corners).

Those of you who are familiar with our partner organisation Culture Colony will understan, the drivers behind our new project. CCQ is as much about the conversation as it is about profile and is as interested in the motivations behind the production of art as the finished work.

I am going to concentrate my efforts on the magazine and the web site, as they both develop in response to the feedback from the community of artists and audiences that we serve, but reserve the right to come back here from time to fulminate about things that might not fit within the magazine’s remit.

Thank you for following this blog and for your feedback and endorsements across so many platforms. I was a reluctant blogger and initially started as part of my post graduate diploma in journalism at Cardiff University (which I cannot recommend highly enough to all wannabe journalists) but, since graduating in 2010, it has become an important outlet for me to let loose my thoughts and responses to various things close to my heart and has, occasionally, even led to paid work as a journalist and to all manner of interesting side projects.

I hope you will keep an eye on CCQ as it evolves. As I write I am surrounded by the smell of fresh ink (on matte Hello silk 130gsm with a fluorescent spot colour for you print junkies). The internet is a wonderful place but there’s still magic in print so please do try and get hold of our first issue, which will be rolling out across Wales, the UK and internationally, like a tea stain on a duvet, from tomorrow.

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