Emma Geliot

After years of working in the arts, on one side of the fence or the other (artist, arts administrator, arts strategist, arts consultant) I retrained as a journalist so that I could write about the arts in Wales and, more specifically, contemporary visual art practice.

After a few years of freelancing and acting as deputy editor for blown magazine I am now editor for Culture Colony Quarterly Magazine (CCQ) – an independent perspective on the arts in Wales. www.ccqmagzine.com (nb: web site live from 30 Sept 2013)

3 thoughts on “Emma Geliot

  1. Hello,
    I would like to draw your attention to a new Digital Arts Festival that is being organised for North Wales In October 2011.
    Both the Arts Council of Wales and Cadw are supporting the event, which is running along side the Gwledd Conwy Feast.
    We have 18 artist commissions available, and are looking to find a strong cross section of practioners.

    Film, sound pieces, 3D modeling, poetry, computer animation, choral scores, 2D motion graphics and video pieces will all be considered.
    Proposals that involve different disciplines and collaboration between artists on all the above commissions within one application will be encouraged.
    the full opportunity is available to view at http://iblinc.wordpress.com

    the commissions are being advertised on various websites, but I wanted to make sure that you were aware of the opportunity in case you felt it may be of interest

    Craig Morrison
    Creative Director.

  2. Thoroughly enjoy reading your blog Emma! I’m a student at the Cardiff School of Journalism, like yourself at one point. I run a blog on the history of Wales and the historic sites in south Wales.

    139 years ago to today Christopher Williams was born, one of the finest Welsh artists of his generation as you most probably know. So I decided to write a blog post about him.

    You might be interested in giving it a read. Here’s the link:


    Iolo James

    • Thanks for your kind comments Iolo and I’m so pleased that there’s another journalist-in-waiting writing about art in Wales. I was woefully ignorant about Christopher Williams so thanks for your blog. I’ll keep an eye out for more. And good luck with your exams if you haven’t already had the first lot.

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